Innovative, open, authoritative: The Germanisches Nationalmuseum (GNM) is a research and visitor museum. The Aktionsplan Leibniz Research Museums plays a role in developing new formats that help to communicate research results and current topics in an appealing way and in a manner understandable to the wider public. “This aims to once more raise awareness of the relevance of cultural history and research in the humanities,” says Director-General Prof. Dr. Daniel Hess.

The museum’s own collection forms the basis for all research work in the GNM. Based on selected examples, connectivities in European culture are traced and their importance in history and the present day demonstrated. One of the main concerns of the GNM is to communicate this in an appealing way. Expanding into the digital sphere offers new opportunities to achieve this.

The Aktionsplan activities are divided into three areas:

GNM_guide: New media guide tours, which can be accessed inclusively and in eight languages, tell European cultural history on the basis of selected examples from the collection, and also show comparative representations, x-rays or short videos.

GNM_wissen: The link between the analogue museum visit and digital content will be systematically developed to meet different needs more effectively. This is supported by new formats such as digital stories, blog posts and 3D models, which will in future be better linked to one another.

GNM_dialog: “A World in Motion” is the title of a collaborative project drawing together international perspectives from science, the arts and society. The aim is to give the wider public an understanding of the importance of Europe’s cultural diversity. Formats geared towards families and school groups are one particular focus.

With the common Aktionsplan, the eight Leibniz Research Museums are consolidating their special function as an interface between academia and society.

  1. Europe on Cure: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Thomas Mann and the Myth of Davos

    A digital exhibition of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg

    Longings, fears and threats and the struggle for healing and existence in unique art and literature. Immerse yourself in the shaken Europe between 1860 and 1938, using the example of Davos, a mountain village that rose to become a resort for climatic health and winter sports as well as an important site for culture, science and politics.

    Click here for the digital story

  2. Signs of the future – Fortune telling in East Asia and Europe

    A digital exhibition of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg

    What will the future bring? The digital story will show similarities and differences in divination in East Asia and Europe - an exciting journey through international legends of the gods, temple oracles and magical myths!

    Click here for the digital story

  3. Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg

    Leibniz Research Museum for Cultural History (GNM)

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Germanisches Nationalmuseum
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Director General:
Prof. Dr. Daniel Hess

Head of Administration:
Dr. Stefan Rosenberger

Public Relations:
Dr. Andrea Langer MBA (Marketing & Science Management)
Dr. Sonja Mißfeldt (Press)