Aktionsplan Leibniz Research Museums

Everyone feels and experiences it: Our world is in motion. Humans move and with them cultural practices and knowledge, goods and news. Animals, plants and, unfortunately, pathogens are also highly mobile. This raises questions about interactions between culture and nature, human history and current events, even about the earth’s transformation or stagnation.
With our collaborative project A World in Motion, the eight Leibniz Research Museums are animating scientific research, offering ways to connect, encouraging people to help shape change. We are converting knowledge into action.

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Eight Leibniz Research Museums collect, investigate, and engage. Our collections and archives comprise wellover 100 million objects and form the foundation for research into:
•             The history of the earth and biodiversity
•             The history of culture and technology
•             The preservation of scientific and cultural heritage
With our research-based permanent and special exhibitions at 12 locations in Germany, the museums reach millions of people every year and have a significant impact on the dissemination of knowledge to the public.

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