"We bring science and technology to life and show their cultural significance through unique masterpieces. We inspire people to help shape the future."

The core tasks of the Deutsches Museum are guided by this mission statement: collecting, preserving, exhibiting, and imparting education. Thus, the Deutsches Museum includes not only the exhibition buildings, but also, among other things, a collection of more than 100,000 objects and the research institute with various areas (including object, restoration and education-related research).

As part of the Leibniz Aktionsplan"A World on the Move" the Deutsches Museum takes a look at globalization based on exhibits and collection items. For not only people, knowledge and goods are on the move, but also cultural objects. They move in the course of their pre-museum and museum existence, changing function and meaning. This process is illustrated in the presentation "Dresscode Glasfaser": Here, the path of a 19th century fiberglass dress is traced from the factory in the USA via a royal closet to the collection of the Deutsches Museum. This is accompanied by the transformation from an advertising medium to a fashionable status symbol to evidence of a technical skill. At the same time, the restoration history of the dress conveys a piece of contemporary history.

The physical and cultural migration of museum objects is also the framework topic of the second "Global Summit of Research Museums" which will take place at the Deutsches Museum in October 2021.

In addition, the Deutsches Museum is working with the other research museums on an app for teenagers and young adults on the topic of movement from different perspectives. The aim of the game is to generate appreciation for cultural diversity and reflection on one's own actions in a changing world. The format also serves educational research and is to be implemented adapted at all Leibniz Research Museums.

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